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August 24th, 2011

I am resolved.

And as part of my new resolution, I have:

A) Decided to update once a week. On Friday. This is for last Friday. Or maybe this Friday. But I'm gonna update once a week!

B) Write for 15 a day. This way, I hope to finish LWTG, and get some HP writing in because I've been building up a whole lotta Marauders and first war detritus in my head for years now, and I want to get some of it out, at least!


Well, this week, I worked building a set and doing heavy lifting for which I am distinctly unsuited for, so, you know...pain.

In other news, I think I've finally settled on my audition pieces which are due...NEXT WEEK! What am I even thinking? They require three months work, but, I KNOW them, and the plays from years ago, so hopefully that counts for something. One of them I know exceptionally well, so I'm not so worried about that. It's just, contemporary is my weakness, and of course that is the one I've only known for a couple years.

And a song.

One of my friends, who is the most gorgeous singer I have ever met has started bringing me sheet music, telling me I could do this song epically, or that one is really suited to me, and she is so casually sure of my competency that I think that, more than any audience comments or other compliments, has really allowed me to be a bit more confident of myself. Considering singing in front of people is one of my biggest fears. Actually, I did a musical this summer as well that has really helped me out in that department (thanks to my mother's urging!), so I'm significantly less terrified about the whole thing!

Looking very much forward to it all, actually.