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August 16th, 2011

I'm the worst...

Yes, I know, I fail massively at updating. And yes, I know, it can be rather annoying. I honestly, honestly do intend to finish "Longer Ways to Go," however, several things have come up in the meantime.

A) I'm entering my final year of university -
I'm in a theatre program, which by its very nature, ends up requiring a TON of time out of class that I could and would otherwise spend writing and doing fandom things. Last summer I got away from it a bit, but between summer school this year, and the fact that I did one show on the side, am currently in rehearsal for another, and still have to prep a portfolio for the year, I am severely lacking in free time. On the other hand, I got paid for one of the shows!

B) I've experienced a resurgence of love for Harry Potter. Turns out, I'm still not over the Remus Lupin thing, but he's hardly in DH2, and I haven't read the book again, so I'm finding it possible to just pretend nothing bad ever happened! lalala...
I will, however, one day write an essay on exactly why killing him off was a mistake thematically, structurally, and morally. MORALLY. But actually.

Anyway, needless to say, it's difficult to concentrate on Sherlock  when this stuff is going on.

HOWEVER! I do know where I want LWTG to end up, and I'm thinking there's only about four more parts, though by the time I'm finished it'll probably all be AU, but that'll be half the fun! Right?

On a different note, I'm totally going to get a HP tattoo upon graduation.